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Health & Social Care Recruitment Specialists

Meet The Team

Executive Director

Arshad Mahmood

Arshad Manages the Recruitment teams at Care2Recruit to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients, candidates, and young people. With an extensive background in the Health & social care sector as a trainer and manager And Many years of Recruitment Arshad founded Care2Recruit on the principles of exceptional customer service in an often neglected sector.

Health & Social Care Recruitment Specialists

Perms Team

Marianne Normington

Recruitment Manager

Andy Gee

Finance Manager

Anees Tariq

Regional Recruiter

Dan Lone

Regional Recruiter

Carrie Adshead

Regional Recruiter

Emily Spires

Regional Recruiter

Jibreel Lone

Recruitment Resourcer

Saania Saleem

Recruitment Resource
Health & Social Care Recruitment Specialists

Temps Team

Hannah Gibbs

Recruitment Manager

Arshey Saleem

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jack Guy

Recruitment Consultant

Candidates Reviews

“Care2Recruit is the epitome of excellence in Health and Social care recruitment. Their unmatched expertise, seamless placements, and commitment to both permanent and temporary staffing needs make them an invaluable partner. For top-tier service and impactful results, Care2Recruit is the definitive choice in the UK healthcare recruitment landscape.”

Tanvir Khan

United Kingdom

“Had a brilliant experience with C2R the guys in the office are always on hand, very helpful, and work has always been available. Never had an issue with pay or anything else for that matter. Best agency for me. Well done guys.”

Samuel Rattan

United Kingdom

“Amazing Company to work for, it’s so flexible you can pick and choose what hours suits you best. All staff members at Care2Recruit go above and beyond, cannot fault anyone. Especially, Arshey & Hannah as they are amazing, they were so helpful, consistent and professional throughout the progress of the application.”

Khudija T

United Kingdom